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First single-purpose children’s jazz school in Russia was opened in Rostov-on-Don in 1995 at the initiative of Kim Avedikovich Nazaretov’s pupils. Children over the age of 3 are taught all specialties of jazz orchestra including vocal. The school functioning according to its own special curriculum, still remains the only one in the world. It has a jazz-club and an audio recording studio which has already released about 10 CDs. On the basis of the school, seminars and master classes are systematically conducted, which teachers from St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Sochi, Odessa (the Ukraine), Dortmund (Germany), Glasgow (Scotland), Prague (the Czech Republic), New York (the USA) take part in … Refresher courses for teachers of Rostov-on-Don Children’s Music School and Children’s Art School and Southern Federal University are held here twice a year since 2008. In 1998 the school joined International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ).

There are 4 departments in the school – VJM (Variety Jazz Music), VAE(Variety Aesthetics Education), FA (Fine Arts) and Choreography. There are a lot of educational jazz ensembles, a children’s big-band and a quartet of teachers “New-Centropezn”. The school systematically takes part in All-Russian and international contests and festivals, winning high awards. Many school graduates continued their professional education in S.V. Rakhmaninov Rostov State  Conservatory (Academy) (drummer Robert Galstyan, acoustic bass guitarist Igor Ubilava, saxophonist Karen Sargsyan, pianist Mikhail Balanov, contrabassist Fyodor Stepanov), USA, alto saxophonist Aleksey Nekrasov, of Holland (vocalist Alina Engibaryan, Pianist Liya Grigoryan, trombonist Odey Al-Magut, saxophonist Sergey Avanesov), of Germany (Saxophonists Evgeniy Ring, Artyem Sargsyan, Eldar Tsalikov, trumpeter Vitaliy Kiselyev).

There are a lot of winners of the International Contest of Young Jazz Performers among school’s pupils: Grand-prize Aleksey Nekrasov (2001), I award – drummer Robert Galstyan (2003), Grand-prize saxophonist Evgeniy Ring (2007), II award – drummer Samvel Sarkisyan (2011), III award - acoustic bass guitarist Artyem Avanesov (2011).

Since 2001 the school has been a member of the Municipal Educational Concert Musical Center named after K. Nazaretov ( since 2011 – MBTI ACE “CSA “K. Nazaretov OCO”)

In 2008 the school became winner of the All-Russian Contest “Children’s Art School – Russian State Heritage”.  At the All-Russian Contest “Best Teacher of children’s art school in Russia” the following people became laureates: in 2010 Andrey Machnev (saxophone and orchestra class), and in 2011 Aram Rustamyants (teacher of acoustic piano and composition).

45 teachers work in this school, there are former graduates among them Alisa Guzeva (class rhythmic), Karen Sargsyan (class saxophone), Tamara Tarasova (class vocal).

Nowadays 480 pupils study at this school. They participate actively in cultural and concert life of the city. They are always welcome visitors of various jazz stages: from the big Moscow concert hall “Russia” and St. Petersburg Jazz Philharmonic to European stages of Germany, the Czech Republic and Scotland.



Fascinating children! I am happy that our cities are twin cities, and we can enjoy skills of these talented children from Rostov-on-Don. It is no coincidence that distinguished gathering of patrons of art and most respectable Glasgow dwellers stood up twice during children’s concert as an expression of admiration. It is wonderful that we had an opportunity to meet them. 

Mariuka Frayer, 
Head of the International Relations Department of Glasgow City
Council, Glasgow, UK of Great Britain.


More than once I’ve heard these young talents at the reporting concerts of the school, and every time I asked myself: Can something come out of it? But only a year later the picture changes: this little child acquires confidence and dignity. But more important – pleasure of what he does and how he does it. 

Journalist Olga Korzhova,
“Rostov Official”


I did not hear of Rostov Jazz School until summer 2005, so I did not know what to expect. But not long before that in Novosibirsk where I had been interviewing people about life of Russian teenagers I had met a woman who had told me that my idea of Russian young people would be insufficient if they were not shown in useful and safe activity, which gave them pleasure and developed talents.

When I came to K. Nazaretov Jazz School in Rostov and saw how happy young people are there and how amiably and thoughtfully they are treated by adults… And, especially, when I heard what brilliant and sociable musicians they are, I was absolutely amazed and delighted, full of emotions and optimism for their great future.

The school with its pupils and teachers in one creative union is a fantastic evidence of the amazing things that can happen if adults and children go together along the way of music – serious, professional and so extraordinarily joyful. 

Jessica Caner
journalist, broadcasting corporation
London, Great Britain.


Both classics and jazz are taught here. It is incomprehensible for many people. For example, in Germany jazz is taught only for those over 20, and without any homework. Even in the recognized “Mecca” of all jazzmen around the world – America – jazz is taught with no classics involvement, that is defective, too. Probably, that is the reason why foreign delegations constantly come from all over the world to this comfortable school situated in the distant city district called “Aleksandrovka” to understand the secret of the thorough professional training of little Rostov jazz talents.

“Evening Rostov”


Usually Europe helps Russia and we have got accustomed to this. But in this case we ask for your help because in Germany jazz education has not won the recognition of the state yet. Reveal the secret of your success and such tremendous achievements!

Harri Heukirch
Deputy Director of Glen Buschmann Jazz
Dortmund, Germany.


With “admiring envy” we are leaving you. Oh, how we wish to have such a school in Moscow!

Pianist Igor Bril’
professor, head of Jazz Acoustic Piano Department
in Gnesinykh Russian Academy of Music


Opening of children’s jazz school in Rostov is a genuine renaissance of jazz!

“N City” Newspaper 


I was deeply impressed by children’s jazz school named after Kim Nazaretov. Serious attitude to jazz, serious attitude to music in general. And as it is well-known, music is a constituent part of culture. It is wonderful that Rostov-on-Don culture is so high-level!

Composer Vladimir Shainskiy,


Practically all young jazzmen have their first practice jam session, not leaving school’s building – in their own jazz club “SOUL”. A lot of meetings with world famous jazz stars are to their credit: guitarist John Aberkrombie, pianist Andy Lavern, drummer Adam Newsbaum, saxophonist Igor Boutman, soloist of the legendary orchestra Count Basie vocalist Dennis Rowland. And these days, although on the “another’s territory” in Kiev, they are going to meet saxophonist Eric Moriental

“Re-Publica” newspaper

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