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Aram Rustamyants - acoustic piano,
Andrey Machnev – Saxophones, flute, duduk,
Vitaliy Perov – electric-bass, double-bass
Grigoriy Deratsuev – drums, percussion.

The "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet is well known not only in Russia but also abroad in Germany, Belgium, Spain. They have been performing concerts featuring soloists such as vocalists Dennis Rowland, J.D.Walter and Fay Victor, saxophonists Jerry Bergonzi and Uwe Plath, accordionists Alexander Poeluev and Art Van Damme.

It consists of professional musicians, who graduated from the jazz department of Rostov-on-Don State Sergey Rachmaninov Conservatory (Russia). Their first meeting took place in 1988 when they studied at the Rostov College of Arts. At that time nobody thought that the band will gain such a popularity and success in the future. For more than 20 years of its existence the Quartet has turned into a highly qualified group. Each of the musicians is an excellent soloist and together they are a very bright quartet. Some of their most significant artistic achievements are listed in the following.

  • 1994. The Quartet won the V Prize and the title of the Youngest and most Perspective Group at the Euro-Jazz 94 in Brussels, Belgium.
  • 1995. The Quartet won Grand-Prix and the title of the European Young Jazz Artists of the 1995 at the 14th European Contest of Young Jazz Groups in Leverkusen, Germany.
  • 1998. The Quartet got the title of the Best Group in Audience’s choice award at the XXII European Jazz Contest in Getxo, Spain.

Besides the achievements mentioned above the "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet participated in a number of All-Russia and International Festivals, which took place in Russia (St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krivoi Rog, Sochi), Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic etc.

The musicians of the "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet have taken the lead in creating the First Jazzschool for children from three till infinity in Russia, where they work as teachers: Aram Rustamyants is the school director, Andrey Machnev is the artistic director of the Children Big Band, Vitalii Perov teaches electric bass and double-bass and Gregory Deratsuev drums and percussion.

Since 2001, "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet constitutes a rhythm section of the Municipal Jazz Orchestra named after Kim Nazaretov, being a part of all projects. Since 2004, they perform with International "Rostov-Dortmund" jazz orchestra, which later changed the name to East West European Jazz Orchestra. With this big-band "New Centropezn" quartet became a part of certain projects and recorded together 5 CD’s with musicians such as: saxophonists Jerry Bergonzi (USA), Uwe Plath (Germany), Ondrej Stveracek (Czech Republic) vocalists Dennis Rowland (USA), Dian Pratiwi (Indonesia) and trumpeter Ryan Carniaux.

The "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet issued 4 CDs: "Breath-taking Breeze" (1998), "Next Step" (2003), "Jazz Fairland" (2007) and "We are 20", New-Centropezn jazz quartet &… special guests (2008). Their CD's mainly present original compositions, which demonstrate two views on music – acoustic and electric.


New-Centropezn jazz quartet has created a furore at the International festival in Spain!

1998, Madrid, Spain.

The main characteristic feature of the "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet is its sincerity, suddenness, wonderful ensemble-feeling and magnificent energy of music.

2000, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Piano player Aram Rustamyants possesses high culture of the sound and a striking ingenuity in his solos. Vitalii Perov is a wonderful virtuoso not only on bass-guitar but also on contrabass. The quartet is also supplemented by two "highly explosive" musicians – Andrey Machnev (saxophone) and Grigory Deratsuev (drums). Grigory is unique and unpredictable. Andrey can be described as the most cheerful saxophonist with a good sense of humour, with clear phraseological thinking and endless fantasy.

2000, Minsk, Belarus.

One takes a great pleasure in what he sees and hears. The jazz compositions created by the musicians have not only been professionally played but professionally performed. One should see it! May be the Moscow's school is more technical but Rostov school is more emotional. Perhaps, the reason is hidden in both our southern temperament and inexplicable love for jazz.

2001, Moscow, Russia.

The "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet is of special interest. They are always full of surprises and are never repeated.

2005, Dortmund, Germany.

It is a record for musicians to play together for 20 years. As many people say – everything has its limits. But it is not exactly the case. As we can see on the example of the "New-Centropezn" jazz quartet, there is no limits to creativity, mutual understanding, feeling of friendly support and ensemble. And if at the beginning only Andrey and Aram were composing music, today all the participants of the quartet take an active part in this process. And almost anything may become the source of inspiration: from watching the sea tide to the trip to Bilbao!

2007, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


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download A.Rustamyants.-New Song

6.3 MB 6:50 min
download H.CarmichaelN.Washington.-The Nearness Of You
New Centropezn Jazz Quartet, vocal - Dian Pratiwi

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download L.Gasretov.-Gayastan
New Centropezn Jazz Quartet, solo: duduk, sax - A.Machnev, tr - R.Carniaux

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